Loyalty vs. Slavery

loy·al·ty: noun – The quality of being loyal to someone or something. A strong feeling of support or allegiance. Faithfulness and loyalty are character qualities and values I’ve always tried my best to live by. I think people who know me well would say that as a friend and a sister, I am extremely loyal and will … More Loyalty vs. Slavery

Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks

There is beginning to be more and more research emerging. Finally! After groundbreaking, extensive, scientific studies and research dating back to the 40’s proving that vitamin therapy vs medicine as an effective and viable solution (if done correctly), is fighting it’s way through the pharmaceutical walls built to keep it from those who need it … More Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks

Ignored To Death

My God! He’s going to sit there and watch me die…and doesn’t even care. That was the sickening realization that crossed my mind a few years ago as I sat in my living room, struggling for breath. The muscles in my chest and back were cramping and each gasp sent searing pain burning through my … More Ignored To Death


Even though I’ve had a strong faith and a relationship with God since I was very young, and I was very solid in what I believed, there came a long period of time when it seemed I had no roots. I was like a ship on an angry sea with no anchor, tossed wherever the … More Planted

No More Fear

I don’t know about you, but I have struggled with some pretty amazing amounts of fear in my life. One of anxiety and depression’s favorite foods is fear. They feed on all our worst fears and grow until they’re completely out of control. I have experienced the mind-numbing panic of an anxiety attack, the hellish … More No More Fear