failed marriage memeThis is going to be short and sweet because I would love for you to click on the link at the bottom and read through the article there. I used to be a firm believer in the so-called biblical teaching of a couple named Michael and Debbie Pearl. I bought their books, read their magazine articles and wholeheartedly tried to practice their “Created To Be His Helpmate” version of theology.

In the Pearls’ world, and in the home I grew up in, all godly women are imagined to be submissive, quiet, obedient wives, helpers, childbearers and homemakers. And the men in this world are supposed to be the “head” of their household and should carry out their god-given authority in a loving, but firm manner. In my previous marriage this meant that he could get away with practically anything, including abusive behavior, while the kids and I were expected to “submit” to every whim, desire, demand or mood he may present us with.

I will forever be grateful to those loving Christians who have supported me in finally making the heartbreaking decision to divorce my now ex-husband, go through PTSD therapy and get my kids into counseling to recover from the devastation of an abusive marriage.

Lately, as I’ve been making wedding plans with my wonderful soon-to-be-husband (and boy, is that ruffling some conservative fundamentalist feathers!), I look back in amazement at the things I used to believe were so good and true. Often I’ve thought about writing a letter to the Pearls to confront them with the hypocrisy and self-righteousness of their teaching. But this article says it all, and so much better than I could have.

If you have been captive to this sick and twisted, and let’s face it, dangerous type of religious lifestyle and belief system, I wish you free. I hope you will read the article in the link below and see the Truth. If you are already free or are in the process of breaking free, may this encourage you to continue fighting for your freedom.



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