Mr. Right vs. Mr. Wrong (part 2)

…Continued from 2-15-16

I have to say that being romanced by God has by far been the most wonderful experience of my life.

But how? You may be thinking… how in the world can a person be “romanced” by God?

First of all, we have to stop relating to Him like a big old man in the sky who is far removed from our every day lives. We have to begin thinking of him as a friend in the truest, most real sense of the word…a person who cares deeply about our well being, about everything that happens in our lives, even about the “little” seemingly “insignificant” things. Nothing is too little or insignificant to Him, especially our emotions, our feelings, our hurts, our desires and our physical needs. He is our creator and He knows us better than we know ourselves. However, God is a perfect gentleman and He will never force Himself on us. He will wait until we are ready to participate and partner with Him in the greatest love story of all time. Are you ready to write your love story with Him? Will you let Him romance you?

After that night at the church service when I was so broken by past disappointments and the shame of my stupid choices and God spoke to my heart concerning His desire for me, there were several things that happened. Here they are. This is what I did.

  1. Say “yes.” He asked me if I would allow Him to be my Lover. If you want to be romanced by God, tell Him. Let Him know whatever is in your heart. He already knows anyway and He is not intimidated by your need for love, your pain, your anger or even your physical, sexual appetite. But I guarantee you, He wants to hear it from you and if you let Him know that you want Him to be your Lover, like in the best romance book ever written, The Song of Solomon  (otherwise known as the –  Song of Songs – in the Bible), He will meet you where you’re at. His greatest desire is to show you His love. Remember that verse…”for God so loved the world?” That’s you it’s talking about.
  2. Take the time to let Him love you, to get to know Him and to be known by Him. I had to purposefully set aside “date night” time for just the two of us, so first I started going every Wednesday night to the soaking sessions as often as I could. I love to dance, so I would go and dance in the back corner and imagine I was dancing with Him. I would lay down on the chairs or the floor and let His presence wash over me and listen for Him to speak to me. It was awkward at first and sometimes I was so tired, I would just fall asleep. But the more I did it, the hungrier I became for more. I downloaded “soaking” music from YouTube. Some of my favorite albums are Brave New World by Amanda Cook and Temple Dance by Joanne McFatter. I started playing it as I fell asleep at night imagining Him next to me, feeling His tangible presence and hearing Him whisper sweet nothings into my ear.
  3. Listen. The Bible encourages us to “pray without ceasing.” It occurred to me that prayer isn’t just about me talking to God, but it’s about a 2 way conversation. If we’re supposed to “pray” or “commune” with Him all the time, that means He’s always got something to say to us! Oh, I got excited about that! So, I asked Him to open my ears to hear His voice and you know what He did? He talked to me! I’d be getting ready for work, putting on my makeup and suddenly I could sense His presence behind me, as real as any human being, as if He were wrapping His arms around me and putting his cheek next to mine and whispering in my ear romantic things like, “I love you.” And, “You’re so beautiful.” Walking up the steps to work, I would sense Him next to me, smiling at me and telling me, “Have a great day at work, babe!”
  4. Talk to Him like you would talk to your boyfriend. Yes, that’s really ok. So many times in the Bible the relationship between Jesus and the church (His people) is referred to as one between a Bride and Bridegroom, a husband and wife. Why do we think we can only talk to Him about certain things or only if we’re sitting at church or kneeling in just the right position before bedtime? I began to say things like, “I love getting to know you, my darling.” And “Being with you makes me feel like a real woman! Don’t ever stop loving me.”
  5. Open yourself to His love. It can be scary, sometimes flat out terrifying, to be open and vulnerable, to get “naked” and be the really real you with someone. But God is a tender lover and He is gentle and kind with the hearts of those He cares for. Ask Him to help you trust Him and be able to receive all the goodness that He has for you. It can take time and it takes practice. It might feel strange, or silly, or awkward, or like nothing is happening at first. That’s ok, just keep pursuing Him and asking Him to pursue you…and wait and see what will happen!

During one of the most intimate times I’ve ever had with God, my Lover, while I was listening to some of my favorite soaking music, I could see Him, in my mind’s eye, holding me and looking into my eyes with such deep, intense love. And He said to me, “This is how a man on earth will love you some day, with my gentle, healing love. He will not be intimidated by your strength, but will be overcome with your beauty.”

And then I cried and cried and cried. Those tears were so healing. I had gotten to the point that I didn’t want or need (or so I thought) an earthly man’s love. I knew I was beautiful to God, but would a man ever look at me like that? I still thought that no man would ever be able to love me in that way; didn’t really believe there were any unmarried men like that left on the planet at all. Could it be possible? Does true love really exist between men and women on earth? Could it exist for me? His answer was a resounding, “YES!” But that would mean I would have to choose to learn to trust again…and that was a scary choice to make.


To be continued…


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