Even though I’ve had a strong faith and a relationship with God since I was very young, and I was very solid in what I believed, there came a long period of time when it seemed I had no roots. I was like a ship on an angry sea with no anchor, tossed wherever the merciless wind desired to blow me, battered by careless waves with no lighthouse or harbor in sight. I was afraid, cold, lost and felt so very alone.

During those hours of loneliness and fear, I always found comfort in Jeremiah 17:7-8 (*see below). For a long time, for years that seemed to drag on forever, I prayed these verses.

“Dear God, I trust in you. I am trying to trust in you more.  I have no confidence left in anything but you anymore…and at times I even doubt you. Forgive me and help me. Help me to trust in you and have confidence in you. And plant me like a tree by the water that sends out its roots into your streams of living water, so that I might not fear when the heat of life threatens to scorch me, that my leaves may remain ever green. So that I may have no worries when all other sources have completely dried up and that I may always bear fruit.”

I know now that God was always with me, even in the darkest, most lonely times, even when I couldn’t see, hear or feel His presence. I know it because He has led me safely to shore and has healed my wounded roots, restored my broken branches, soothed my swollen scars and has planted me securely in His awesome love where I am free and green and bearing fruit. It has been (and continues to be) a long process, and sometimes very painful, but oh, so worth it!

If you are still tossing about on the sea, hold onto this prayer and I will pray it with you. I know that God will surely guide you to shore, heal you and set you free by planting you in safety where your roots can go down deep to drink His pure living water and grow strong and confident in His love.


*In this passage Jeremiah was painting a picture of a man in a type of parable to make a point. However, there are many meanings to the particular word “man” used here: every one, man, man child, warrior. So it could just as easily read – “blessed is every one who trusts in the Lord.” It doesn’t mean this blessing is only reserved for the male sex. 🙂