50 Shades of Abuse

“What!? That’s not abuse, it’s LOVE!”

I can already hear so many fans indignantly rising to spout all the reasons why the 50 Shades so-called love story is NOT abusive. No, in fact, they say it’s a great way to spend Valentines Day now, watching the movie and reading the book together as a way to ignite new passions in a marriage.

I couldn’t disagree more and would encourage you to read the following, written by a fellow abuse-hating blogger like myself. When I posted the last peice on narcissism I thought that this was the article attached to it. The other one is good, but this one clearly spells out 50… yes that’s right, FIFTY examples of abusive behavior of all kinds described within 50 Shades of Grey, everything from subtle manipulation to out and out abuse. She systematically walks through nearly every chapter expertly pointing out how the pornographic nature of the things Mr. Grey does, says and how he goes about it, is degrading to women.

“There can’t possibly be 50 examples of abuse in that amazingly romantic story!” The protesters shout.

Well, click on the link below and find out for yourself.




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