Even though I’ve had a strong faith and a relationship with God since I was very young, and I was very solid in what I believed, there came a long period of time when it seemed I had no roots. I was like a ship on an angry sea with no anchor, tossed wherever the … More Planted

No More Fear

I don’t know about you, but I have struggled with some pretty amazing amounts of fear in my life. One of anxiety and depression’s favorite foods is fear. They feed on all our worst fears and grow until they’re completely out of control. I have experienced the mind-numbing panic of an anxiety attack, the hellish … More No More Fear

50 Shades of Abuse

“What!? That’s not abuse, it’s LOVE!” I can already hear so many fans indignantly rising to spout all the reasons why the 50 Shades so-called love story is NOT abusive. No, in fact, they say it’s a great way to spend Valentines Day now, watching the movie and reading the book together as a way … More 50 Shades of Abuse