My Life – My Name

This post popped up on Facebook today, a poem. May it encourage you to continue putting one foot in front of the other. Your healing will come!

A year ago today: Recently a friend has inspired me with her writing. I’m not yet published and still somewhat of a closet writer and I don’t write much poetry. This last week I was really struggling with some difficult things and have pulled through. On the heels of that, God gave me this poem and she encouraged me to share it, so here goes….

My Life – My Name

I knew not my name
Or from whence I came
All I knew
Was you

But then rose the shame
And the sea of pain
All I knew
Was true

My life is a game
A target for blame
Am I to die?
And never know why?
And cry and try?
And never know why –
His hate is so strong?
So thick, so long?

What is my name?
Is it pain, or shame or blame?
Can I know?
Why? How?

Then you whispered to me
So soft and sweet,
My dear
Now hear

Your life is not a game
Not a target for blame
You shall live – not die
There is a why
Each tear I’ll dry
Not your fault why
His hate is his own
He’s in pain and alone.

Your life is not a game
Your name is not pain, nor shame, nor blame
I have loved you
For you

I gave you a new name
Dispelling the darkness from whence you came
I knew you
I’m true

This is your name
A light that does not wane
I am
I can

This is your name
Freedom – from pain, shame and blame
You’re FREE
Now BE

This is your name
Beauty from ashes – not a game
I always knew
THIS is you.


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